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Graduated from Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile in Design with a specialization in Product Design, Claudia worked for two of the most distinguished Interior design firms in Santiago, getting luxury residential and commercial experience at DIID and MORO Arquitectura Interior, she later pursued academics, as a professor of AutoCAD to interior Design Students at Universidad del Desarrollo. After moved to USA she was certified in Leadership at Princeton Theological Seminary and Residential Interior Design at New York Institute of Design. She continued teaching as a faculty member at ECHS in NJ and later, worked for a renovation firm in Manhattan for 3 years while learning the residential renovation trades becoming a NKBA member. She loves what she does and enjoys making her clients happy enjoying their place! She procures recommending planet friendly materials and sustainability responsible companies and durable and noble materials that will last. Her dedication, personal approach, international background, and attention to details, makes her work a positive difference and influence in her trade!


Claudia founded and developed a luxury residential and commercial design and build firm, obtained her HIC NJ license and is specialized in Kitchen and bathroom design and renovations. Achieving recognition in the NJ area as one of the "Best Interior designers from New York and New Jersey" by Brabbu luxury Magazine and celebrityhomes eu. Lately Claudia has been creating professional relationships with The French Embassy as a contact for the French luxury trade artisans, craftsmen and woman and firms who want to access the luxury market in the NY metro area. Finally, Claudia has been sourcing handmade products nationally and internationally to provide exclusive art and accessories access to the industry. Claudia has been mentored by the SBA program for entrepreneurs in NJ. And became an approved hospitality provider by The Parker Company. She has secured trades membership and representation to exclusive furniture, accessories and material brands throughout the course of her career here.

Her social and leadership skills play an important role in her work including being proactive and having an entrepreneur and creative mindset. Collaborating with the community and non for profits where she and her family participate.


ALTOSTUDIODESIGN works with a variety of industry professionals like architects, contractors, trades people and vendors, a long with exclusive industry ambassadors for handmade and international products sourcing. We are grateful and excited for such amazing opportunities! and we would love to share them with you soon as we are building our Products Handmade Artisans showcase website!


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