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Founded in 2011, We are an award wining firm, NKBA members, and connected with the most exclusive network of providers to offer you the best service and product selection.

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Chic, functional and Beautiful

EVERY project starts with an Initial Consultation, whether it's big or small. We're here to help. Steps:

  1.  Schedule the Consultation

  2.  Gather a few Inspiration Images

  3.  Discuss Level of "Investment" with all parties involved

  4.  GET READY!

What to Expect from the Initial Consult:

  1. You'll get up to one hour-1/2 (90 min.) at your home to discuss as many spaces as you'd like. Sometimes it's helpful to walk the entire home, other times it is most beneficial to discuss only one space.

  2. This consultation should benefit YOU as much as possible, so if that means offering design advice, showing us how you live in the space, and/or learning more about our "next steps" or "Full-Service" options, we can work on whatever works best for you. If you have specific expectations for what you'd like to accomplish, please let us know so we can best serve you. While in your home, ALTOSTUDIODESIGN representative will ask several questions make a site survey (measurements), and also take photos so that she can leave your home, share it with the team and continue to think about your project and understand more about what you're looking for.

  3. After our Initial Consultation, our team will write up any notes from our discussions and directly email them to you in a PDF file, so that you can reference them at your convenience. This will help you to understand more about how our designs work and also give you some great insider "tips"!

  4. How to Prep Best for the Initial Consultation to Maximize Results:

  5. Prepare some "Inspiration Images" to review with ALTOSTUDIODESIGN during your consultation to help define your design style and vision for space.

  6. Gather all parties involved in this design project (spouse/partner, roommate, family, children, etc.) and have a conversation about your level of investment for this project BEFORE ALTOSTUDIODESIGN representative arrives. If you don't know 100%, that's okay. It's best to discuss how much time, energy, and money you think you'd like to invest in this project so that ALTOSTUDIODESIGN can determine which design service would be best for you.

  7. Get excited! We are about to make your design dreams come true! ALTOSTUDIODESIGN has an incredible team that can execute your design dreams from start to finish - we are one step closer to making your design dreams come true and THAT is something to get EXCITED about!

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